About relocation

What is a relocation service?


The term covers a range of related services, all designed to help employees who are relocating to settle in and start their new life and work with a minimum of stress, whether the move is within the same country or international.

A relocation consultant will take care of organising an inclusive service to simplify the logistics of moving and the associated paperwork. This enables employees and their families to feel at home right away in their new environment.

Why use a personalised relocation service?

When employees use a personalised service to help them relocate, companies know they will arrive with peace of mind, ready to start in the best possible circumstances.

The employee, with all the administrative and logistic headaches taken care of, is free to concentrate on a new professional opportunity.

Monarca Relocation provides a dedicated consultant at every stage of the relocation process. This personalised follow-up ensures continuity and a single point of contact for a smooth and stress-free move.

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